Multifunctional Sports Tremor Fitness Elastic Training Stick

Product Description
1. Exercise more than 99% of the muscle fibers of the whole body through high-frequency vibration.
The muscles vibrate up to 300 times per minute, which can effectively stimulate deep muscles.
Can exercise arms, chest, back, abdomen and whole body.
The 63-inch length provides high-quality resistance training and reduces belly fat.
2. Simple and effective: Suitable for all kinds of people,
whether you are a fitness trainer, a heavy man or an elderly person,
you can simply and effectively use this elastic bar to improve your loose body and strengthen your muscles.
3. Fitness trainer: The fitness bar made of high-strength fiberglass is stable and not easy to break.
The handle is ergonomically designed, with anti-skid patterns, safe,
comfortable and quiet. The weight at both ends increases and the resistance is great.
Package Included:
1x fitness bar

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