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  • Innovative Two-sided Fabric Design - The Relief Expert reusable ice packs for injuries (16’’X9’’) adopts innovatively skin-friendly, soft plush fabric that is available to use straight to skin, remove a fear of frostbite, stay cold with no condensation and prevent drops of water from getting your clothes wet. Start on the plush side then flip over to use the other side that is silky nylon penetrating deeper coldness to targeted pain relief if you feel the plush side isn't quite cold enough.
  • Keep Flexible & Stay Cold Longer - The cold pack is filled with high-quality and refreezable gel. Compared with conventional ice pack's freezing point: -0.4°F, our gel ice pack is -13°F, which with lower freezing point can endure longer freezing time instead of getting hard easily, so the gel ice pack is enough flexible to contour most part of body snugly after frozen. There is a good amount of filler in the ice packs and the cold area is 16*9", so the cold pack stays longer cold-lasting time.
  • Effective Pain Relief & Easy to Secure - Make a cold compression with the elastic strap to wrap the injured area to help reduce bruises and swelling related to sports injuries, speed up post-surgery recovery, and relieve chronic joint pains. Long stretchy with strong stiky strap is portable to fix the ice pack on shoulder, arm, knee, waist, etc. Apply the ice pack for pain relief on where you need it most, and it’s convenient to apply cold therapy with this multi-use ice pack anywhere.
  • Durable & Portable to Use - To prevent breakage and gel leakage, the Relief Expert cold packs for injuries applies double-seam technology to seal the edge of ice pack. Durable fabrics ensure reuse and easy to clean. When chill the ice pack in freezer, place the ice pack in the storage bag we provide to protect from stain and odor in freezer. The storage bag is also portable to take the ice pack away for outdoor activities.
  • Universal Fit – Our flexible ice packs for injuries with longer stretchy neoprene strap (25.6" ) is universal fit for most of people.

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